What is the Cholsey Neighbourhood Plan?

The Cholsey Neighbourhood Plan is an opportunity for local people to have an impact on the type of issues that affect Cholsey.  Whilst the plan is about land use planning; housing, business, green space, leisure facilities, those sorts of things; it provides an opportunity for local people and organisations to develop their own ideas about the place where they live, work and visit and for these ideas to become part of Oxfordshires Core Strategy; the primary governing document for planning in the local area.

Is this plan likely to have any impact on Local Planning?

Neighbourhood Planning has, at its core, government legislation and support. The Localism Act, passed at the end of 2011 has been followed by a series of Regulations, providing guidance and support. Oxford County Council have to follow this guidance and it provides an opportunity for communities to guide planning in their own areas.

How is this different to the Community-led Plan being undertaken by local organisations?

The Neighbourhood Plan is very much about land use planning. The Community-led plan is about a much wider set of issues. However, the two are linked. Issues that have been brought up in the community-led plan, where they relate, for example, to housing or local business are being picked up by the Neighbourhood Plan and worked on further as part of its own consultation and engagement with the local community. The two initiatives are working very closely together.

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